Sunday, 5 March 2017

Walk Fast Or Freeze!

Saturday we woke to icy icy temperatures...with windchill factored in, a ghastly -34 C so said our little temperature gauge.  It was quite sunny but not a very warming sun.
When I checked the weather, the Health network featured a photo with this message but not as cheery... I can't bear to see animals in jeopardy.

                         6. If you are too cold to go outside, it is too cold for
your pet to go outside!

I dressed for our walks keeping in mind to cover my cheeks...the darn rosacea. That hat, an old one of Hubby's, has flaps that cover my face to my eyes. Note the cleats on my fashionable farm boots.  This is at the basement back door and you can see Rex waiting patiently outside; perhaps you can also see the ski do and the structure behind is the tree house.  Hubby just laughed out loud when he looked at this picture...he said so you're going public with it are you.
 I figure you are all my friends, right, and would be laughing with me.

At our cul de sac to pick up the paper. Like I said it was sunny with blue sky but so cold.  We kept the walks brisk...don't want to be hanging around when it's so cold.

It was definitely a day for something hearty cooking.  I put a turkey breast and all the vegetables I could find in the fridge in the crock pot along with a couple cups of chicken broth.  It simmered all day; we enjoyed the smells and then the supper.  It made the tastiest broth.  And enough left over for a great hash for Sunday supper too.  Love when that happens.

I had lots of stitching time.

I have four blocks of Tuesday Flowers prepped and two of them sewn.

 No sooner put this one on the wall and realized that left leaf was just too pale so I've removed it and put a new one in with a darker colour.

Got to practice turning points with the 32 diamonds that are in this block.

 I'm disappointed that the colours are not showing as true and pretty as they really are.  Still don't have the hang of this new camera.

Cornwall Cottage got a lot of attention this weekend too.  I'm getting that border edging done all way round just to have it over with.  There's quite a lot of it and it is repetitive to stitch but okay to work on when you're not completely fresh...if you know what I mean.

The wonderful bright sun while totally belying the cold outside, made stitching in the main room enjoyable.

A quiet "at home" weekend, really the best.

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