Monday, 6 March 2017

Tuesday Talking About

Do not deprive me of my age. I have earned it.

                                                                 May Sarton

I know I certainly have. How about you?

Have you ever done this?  I had a newish pale blue top on over my leggings and black and white checked my head thinking I was looking smart enough for around the house.  I decided to eat the leftover roasted potatoes and veggies I'd left in a tupperware container.  I'd mixed a dressing with apple cider vinegar, sunflower oil and a little agave syrup to go over it. I ate the vegetables...still some lovely dressing in the bottom and decided to forgo a spoon and just tip the lot into my mouth. A bit of a glutton, I know and not very mother wouldn't like it at all.

How I missed my mouth I don't know...I've had enough practise getting food to it goodness knows.  This oily mixture all over the front of my blue top.  It's in a bit of a soak now with fingers crossed the oil won't permanently stain.  Honestly, I can't seem to eat even an apple without getting food on me. And this has nothing to do with age...I've been like this forever.

What is new to me is something called Trigger Finger.  My middle finger on my left hand has developed Trigger Finger or Locked Finger.  I was thinking about it and figure next to striking your funny bone, this is the oddest sensation I've ever felt. It develops with overuse of a finger and I think it is because of all the cross stitching I've been doing lately. That hand holds tightly to my frame.

I'm showing you this picture of breakfast for a reason...note the egg.  This is a large egg bought at the grocery store.  Since when are large eggs so small!  This one barely fills half the cup.

Those of you with me for awhile know I have a real love of birds and especially owls. I mentioned owls before in this post called Owly Stuff and Updates.

 This little guy sits in my sewing room.

I have had two sightings of owls on this property. On one of our afternoon walks when the light was duskish, I spied an owl and tramped into the bush a bit to get a photo.  Because of the light, I was only able to capture his outline.  But I like knowing he's out there and I keep looking.

I always bookmark any free patterns of owls I find.  This little cross stitch pattern is available at



These coffee cup cosies are so popular right now.  Head over to My Knitting Basket to get the free knitting instructions which make 5 owls around the cute.


Owls are just about the cutest motif for quilts.  This one is from Printablee which offers a lot of other free stuff, too.

                      Image result for free owl quilting pattern

And last but not least, a true owl story.
  Rene Wanakamik and his wife were driving home one day when an owl struck their vehicle. Assuming he was dead and being animal lovers, he and his wife wanted to dispose of him properly so they put the owl in their back seat. After about 10 minutes, however, the owl revived and proceeded to sit quietly on the headrest all the way home where they were able to release him into the wild.

               Kimberly Wanakamik husband Rene Pays Plat First Nation

But they got a photo first...a beautiful Great Grey Owl.