Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I Like.... Thursday Things

I like Apple Cheesecake Streusel Cake especially a NO Bake one.

I wish I were better at taking food photos because these pictures just don't do this dessert justice.  It was delicious and combined wonderful flavours...the softened apples, a whipped cream/cream cheese layer, and oats, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon streusel topping.

So yummy and Hubby loved it.  It's a keeper.
Lots of recipes on the net for this particular combination and I followed one I found at A Dash of Insanity web site but I made my own changes, whipped cream instead of Coolwhip, and adjusted amounts to make a smaller version for us. Hubby will be a little sad when he reads that last bit.

Something I Love

Jo Cox and the Loneliness Battle

You might remember the tragic story of Jo, a British MP  who was murdered by a right wing terrorist last June.  One of her goals was to begin a commission on the scourge of loneliness that affects so many people in all our countries.
 Loneliness is considered a silent epidemic these days and of course, is not a problem of only the aged but teenagers, new mothers, people with chronic illnesses or mental issues and also people we would be a bit surprised to find out also claim to feel alone and isolated.  Jo wanted not just to talk about this but to be practical and find concrete ways to help people.
  Now her fellow MPs have announced they hope to carry on her work in her memory.

I Like Getting Crafty Mail

I've lived in a number of isolated places where the mail planes would be just about the most welcome sight.  I loved getting real mail; it was all so meaningful back in those days when we actually sent photos and letters back and forth.  Nowadays mail has dwindled to a few bills or advertisements.
  So I think that is why it is still fun for me to have something coming in the mail.  I get my little craft orders from time to time and love it. Here is my latest, Valdani Pearl Cotton Collection threads.

This is Ewe-niversity paintbox colours- so pretty.  You can check out all the collections at the Valdani site.  I was lucky enough to find mine on a markdown at Massdrop, a site that allows us to pool together to get lower prices on certain items.  There is a strong quilting/stitching community to be found there.

I Like Having Something On the Skivers

Where I am from, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, in the old days, people would sometimes call knitting needles skivers. (Yes, there is actually a Book of Newfoundland English, that's how wonderfully unique our spoken language is there.)  So you might meet a woman and ask what do you have on the skivers these days?  So on my skivers these days is a project..a knitted scarf blanket which is just about a kindergarten level project in the knitting world but I don't care, I love it.

But if you want to see a pro with the skivers, Yarn Harlot is the place to go.  Stephanie is not only a whiz with yarn, she is funny.  She can make talking about knitting funny too.
Such natural talent.

Stephanie has a One Row Handspun knit scarf pattern that is super easy and pretty too; I featured it on my very first blog post back in 2013.

I like this quote.

I see a lot of sharing and caring when I visit my blogging friends. Sometimes I smile and sometimes I have a tear so I think if I am getting those feelings then they must be genuine.  You know what I mean? And our emotions like that are the 'tie that binds' all of humanity all over the world and I, for one, am so grateful for this marvelous tool the internet that can help that.


Speaking of blogging friends, I'm linking this post to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color.