Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Thursday Things I Like

I like feathers and feather quilts.

Like many people, I collect any feathers I find on my walks. This is a blue jay feather I found one autumn. It really is such a striking colour blue and I've never seen another like it before or since.

When I was a child, I spent part of every summer with my grandparents who lived in a small outport. I remember the bed I slept on there had a feather mattress.  Though it was warm and cosy, it had a problem. Depending on how you moved, certain feathers could poke you.  I don't think my grandmother had used just the tiny feathers to stuff her mattress; big feathers must have been in it too.

Stitching feathers has always been an interesting motif  used in free motion quilting. I've been noticing feathers turning up as a modern motif for quilt blocks as well and I love looking at them.

This piece is the work of Anna Maria Horner and you can read more about it at her blog Anna Maria; as a matter of fact the pattern is generously offered as a free download.  I got a little sidetracked when I was visiting her site; her blooming flowers patterns are also so beautiful.

 I always wondered how difficult these feather shapes are to put together.  Then I found this tutorial from the talented Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts where it appears pretty straight forward if you use a paper piecing method.

Paper Pieced Feather Tutorial

What a pretty effect and also a great way to use up bits and pieces of fabrics.

I like finding hand worked things at a thrift store.  

I love the idea that someone had spent happy time stitching what I now hold.

This is the Sunday tea towel of a set featuring Dutch embroidered figures and scenes. They are lovely large linen towels- one for each day of the week.

This little stitchery is old but was put in a newish frame, perfect for a bathroom.

I like living in a small woods.

The view from every window is of evergreen trees.

I like finding words that help me understand myself.

Since I've moved around a lot in my life, the idea of home is a little different for me.  I actually struggle a bit with feeling settled or at home anywhere these days.  It's something I work on in my head and I know it involves feeling at peace, being relaxed and importantly having trust as well.

Ekhart Tolle's words always resonate with me. I understand that this is very individual- unique to each person if what someone else says is powerful or meaningful to you.  But for me, Ekhart often addresses the very issues I grapple with and I often reread his work.


Read what interests me here: Ekhart Tolle's Guide To Transforming Your Life

Where ever You are, I hope you are truly home.

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