Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Why Is There Always More?

Post Winter Storm
During our snowy 2 days last week, I was like this.
 I appeared to stitch a lot but actually flitted from one project to another.  I found it hard to settle in for a good work on any of them.  There was something about the wind and snow that made me feel unsettled.  We were caught a little off guard too because we'd been thinking winter was getting behind us.
 Which right now on the 21st of March I'm thinking it has.  (Hope I haven't jinxed it because just when you think it's done, there's more!)

I was just like this swallowtail butterfly I photographed last fall in the front garden; it couldn't seem to settle itself on one flower and stay put.

Oh, so nice to see our flowers and to think of butterflies in the garden.  Pretty thoughts in our still white though definitely melting world.

One of those days I had a searchy/ findy kind of day. Do you ever have a bout like that?  Feel the need to do some deep diving into the bins or drawers or where ever the crafting stuff lodges.

The object of the hunt was my crochet hooks.  I know I have a number from thrift shops these late years but do you think I could find them...no way.  Just the two I've been using recently.

 But what else did my deep diving into the totes retrieve?

My file of knitting patterns I'd forgotten about.  When did I start saving knitting patterns, I wonder.

More wool

And this little project, an absolutely beautiful kit from The Hearts Content.
I have no idea when I bought this.
 What was I thinking?  A MINIATURE 40 count silk gauze to stitch on!  Make no wonder I stitched 4 or 5 stitches and abandoned it.  Oh, my eyes!

The finished size would be 2 inch by 2 inch.  But isn't it sweet.

Here are a pile of leftovers I didn't realize I'd kept from various cross stitch and crewel projects.  I guess there are people who wind all these remnants back onto spools or cards. Perhaps it will offend some of you, it's such a mess.

But funny how I always find more than I think I have. More of everything... it just seems to grow.  Maybe I need to throw out more stuff.

Anyway, here is where I am with my Cornwall Cottage.  It is kind of large at 294 x 294 stitches.

 But I've made it across the top and down the side a little into section 4 of this most wonderful easy to use pattern.  Turning a corner is always a good thing.

And it is always a happy feeling  and a relief when each new motif links up perfectly with the one next to it meaning my counting is okay so far. I haven't had to do any unstitching yet but it's early days still.