Tuesday, 20 June 2017

An Embroidery Finish and Thrift Store Finds

I finished this piece long before I went away on my holiday.  Just never got around to pressing and taking a photo.  I loved stitching this fanciful bird from the clever mind and hand of Nancy Nicholson. I actually added extra embellishments just to make it feel more like mine.

 The kit was unique in that each of the stitches required was illustrated right on the upper and lower edges of the cloth.  All her work is so beautiful; take a peek for yourself.
Nancy Nicholson Site 

I love looking through second hand stores and it fits well with my idea of reusing and recycling.  I've found this is something you either love doing or just don't.
 I even have ideas in mind for certain things I'd love to find.  For instance, my winter dish set is the Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers.  I've been lucky to pick up extra pieces at thrift stores and am always on the look out for more.

                                     Image result for friendly village dishes

I always rummage the craft sections looking through patterns, books and fabrics.  This last visit someone had dropped off over 50 boxes of Lain Colbert tapestry wool.

Image result for boxes of laine colbert tapestry wool
 I have no use for it but I was sorely tempted to buy them.  Top notch stuff in all the beautiful colours.  But what could I do with it?  Can you crochet with them? Any suggestions?   I'll run right back and buy them.

This is a cushion cover just like one I handled at Ikea last month.  It was $2.99 but I know at the store it was $6.99 and it is striped on the other side.

I saw this striped white and pink blouse and liked it right away.  Banana Republic with the tags still attached saying $60.  It is one of those non-wrinkle kind and will go well with a pair of white capris I have.  I paid $12.98 for it.

This vintage tablecloth doesn't have a mark on it and cost $1.99.  I love the weather vane motifs and the pretty country scenes.

This has jiggled a memory for me.  It seems familiar and I think one of my grandmothers used to cover her washing machine with one similar.  It is now on the table in my sewing room.

I got a couple more things, but Hubby (my editor, LOL) says my posts are too long so I'll save those for another day.


Maggie from South Carolina said...

Hi, I'm in Sumter, SC USA I LOVE thrift stores. Great buy on the blouse for you. You are going to scream WHAT!! when you read that all blouses at my favorite TS (thrift store) costs $1.00 any size, any style. They have a great selection most of the time. I find high end, brand names all the time. My daughter lives in Oregon, she gets packages from me often full of awesome clothes. Our TS has plenty of sewing supplies and tons of other good stuff. I'm in my late 70's and have been sewing and doing hand work since I was 6 yrs old. Not so much anymore lately, I've been making hand made books/journals. Your work is lovely. Take care, Maggie

Eve said...

I think this design is by Nancy Nicholson ­čśŐ

Anonymous said...

I love thrift shopping also and have found amazing treasures for little cost! It’s become an addy! LoL