Thursday, 8 March 2018

Adult Happiness

On these " I Like " Thursdays at Not Afraid of Color, some of us share things we enjoy and often they are very little things. I keep thinking it is a revelation older age gives us-that small things, even ones without a price tag, maybe especially those, are what gives us pleasure in life.

At this site, I tracked down this little poster. I was struck by how many of these things are so me...maybe cleaning out the dryer lint not so much, but all the others, yes.

Hello, Life, and Sorry: WEIRD THINGS THAT MAKE YOU
 HEDGER HUMOR for babble.
 Writing with a nice pen.
 Having plans
 Q This is life.
 Sooo sorry!
 Eating the corner brownie.
 Freshly cleaned sheets.
 my sweet.
 Enjoying coffee in that
 Cleaning the dryer
 brief time before
 lint screen.
 anyone else wakes up.
 Oh yeah.
What about you?
Now of course, this doesn't include my dogs or my stitching and a few other things.

For instance, caught Mr. Rex having a nap where he isn't supposed to...on my bed and see how he's scrunched up my knitted blanket for extra comfort all around himself.  I guess the four dog beds we have around the house just don't measure up.  But I don't get angry; I think of his former life in a crate and I'm so happy he found his way to us.  He definately adds to our Adult Happiness.

And on the happiness of stitching front--I finally gave my yellow flowers fabric pinned with lots of red French knots.

Just in time, as Angie has released the March block which is bright red tulips. I am going to love stitching them and that is the plan for my Friday and Saturday stitching.

No shortage of stitching plans here. Last night I thought of how I want my March block for the CQJP to go and sketched it out.  Finally something a little bit creative.
Ah yes, all the little things!
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