Thursday, 22 March 2018

Know Your Stuff (Better Yet Remember Your Stuff)

I'd been busily making cardboard 2 inch templates when I remembered I had all the sets of Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork templates tucked away somewhere.  I'd bought them for the Farmer's Wife project back in 2016.  Found them in a bottom drawer and sorted through them and sure enough, there was a lovely thick plastic 2 inch square.

Why I never thought of them before, I just can't say. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. But I've done a lot of measuring and cutting since then and these guys could have come in handy.

 Cardboard is convenient and cheap, but the edges do get nicked (which is why I usually make 2 or 3 at a time). But this two inch size already got a little workout with the March Block 3 instructions for the Friendship Garden BOM...make 16 two inch squares. So happy to have remembered this and loved the accuracy of having a 'real' template.

I wondered about putting pink and blue together but I like the result of these particular shades.
(Why can't I remember to press things before I show them to company!)

I wonder what else I have tucked away.  Probably time for the drawers to be sorted. Hope you don't have a vital piece of your gear tucked away and forgotten about!

I love the 50% coupons from Michaels. Recently I took advantage and bought myself one of the humdinger sized cutting mats.  I'd gotten by with a little tiny one but it was time to step it up.  I'm enjoying the freedom this size affords.

A little indoor gardening is good.
I am trying this...someone somewhere must have grown an actual head of lettuce from a stump because this idea keeps circulating on the internet.   It has sprouted some leaves but it's going to be a while before we eat a salad from it though. LOL

And Daughter's Christmas Pointsetta that was on the way to the garden compost is a challenge to me. So far I've kept it alive- there are new green leaves sprouting and the red has definitely brightened.  But I've read they are specially treated not to survive (have no idea how that could be done even) so we'll see.  Have any of you had luck with this?

 Rex on guard outside my sewing room door.  I love what a companion he has become to me.  Hubby says he always knows just where I am by seeing Rex.

I called this post Know Your Stuff when it really should be called Remember Your Stuff.
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