Thursday, 29 March 2018

Mary's Favourite Words-Gratitude and Praise

This week started with two feet planted in winter. Below freezing wind chills but a lot of sun which helped to compensate.  The sun is glorious to see and yay to natural Vitamin D. But then the rains came...I heard a strange sound on the roof (which is metal) and realized it was pouring rain.  Ahh, springish weather.

New to Me

I've now come across two articles about Plogging, a Swedish idea that is taking hold in North America. An eco-friendly way to help rid the environment of rubbish...pick up any trash on your jogging/walking route.  With spring thaw starting, it is the perfect time to promote this idea.  I only walk on this property really and we've cleared it of any odd bits that didn't get cleared before us. But I think this is a good idea.

Plogging-Jogging and Picking Up Trash

I got a small start on the Sarah Fielke Grasshopper BOM.  Just tried out this little combination below on the right.  Four of these have to be made but I've discovered I would like to see what is ahead before committing to this.  So I'm waiting for the next directions before sewing these together which maybe shows my lack of confidence in my choices. Anyone else do this with mystery stitch alongs?

This is to be hand sewn.  That is August block of A Patchwork Year there on the left in its final stage. Down to the last one and happy to say I'm still enjoying it.

I got this in the mail ...just about the only good mail I get these days. Ours seems to have degenerated to just flyers and such.  Is it the same for you?
Anyway, Quiltmania does not disappoint and this issue of Simply Vintage too is packed with lots of interesting projects...the theme one of welcoming spring.

I know many of you are fans of Mary Oliver, the Pulitzer Prize winning and best selling poet in America. She is also quite private and led a quiet life with her partner, the photographer, Molly Malone Cook.
 This poem, which speaks to the futility of worry, has long been a favourite of mine.  I shared it in a post several years ago and I heard from many who liked it too. I keep a copy in whatever is my current journal. I read it and try to remind myself to be relaxed enough to just go out and sing(figuratively, not literally for me).  Speaking of which, I have a little story (I hear Hubby saying, Of course you do!) about me and singing; I will share it soon.
Image result for mary oliver poem I worried a lot

Here is a link to what I think may be a rare event-Mary, at 75, talking about herself .  Interview with Mary Oliver  I loved her modesty, lack of pretension and feelings about the land. I thought it all wonderful.

I hope your worries are few and  you have something to sing about as we face two of my favourite seasons...spring and autumn depending on where you are in this crazy/wonderful world of ours.

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