Thursday, 15 March 2018

Love This Thursday

Two Marys

I'm a  big Mary Berry fan and have watched all the episodes of Mary Berry's Secrets of a Country House on YouTube.  I rewatched this particular episode and realized some of you might enjoy it too.  This one features Highclere Castle widely known as the real Downton Abbey.  I love how Mary set to work in the kitchen and made her patisserie like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.
 I especially love the connection this castle has with Canada.

You tube link in case the video doesn't work.

I was reading this post at Nina Marie's blog Quilts, Art, Whatever and realized I had never even heard of Mary Blair.  I have fond memories of the It's A Small World ride at Disneyworld as it was a favourite of daughters when we took them there as little girls. I didn't give a thought to the artist's work involved in bringing such things to life.  If you ever held a Little Golden Book, you were probably looking at her art work as well.  And here is a little sample.

Bird Love

Yah, my favourite bird cam is back...The barred owls of Indiana.  Last year Florence at Buzz and Flutter and I so enjoyed watching the three little owlets grow and fledge their nesting box. Mama Owl has her three eggs laid once again.  Another sign of spring.

All About Birds-the Barred Owls

And here is the youngest of last year's three, Peanut, leaving the nesting box.

Hubby's snack yesterday.  It's hard to tell but these are the Fig and Honey Triscuits with peanut butter and red pepper jelly, a combination he likes.  Lots of flavours there.  I like to put the Montmorency cherries on peanut butter on celery- my version of Ants on a Log.

Love the reds

Have my tulips finished and continuing my potholder quilting.  It is calming for me to sit and stitch something in my lap.

The best for last....

The grandsons had their March breaks this week and I got to spend time with both of them. I'm enjoying watching them grow and what a treat for me being with them for the little things and big things.  Also sweet to see how much these cousins love each other despite the age gap.

 Jack's 12 th birthday party...the exuberance of a 3 year old just can't be beat!

If only that feeling of pure joy could be found all our days!

Linking to Party #80 at Not Afraid of Color! Also joining Busy Hands QuiltsIt's A Small Town LifeIn the Quilting Room With Mel and Stitch All the Things.  Thank you all for hosting.

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