Sunday 25 March 2018

Nobody Drew Bunnies Better

A little look at our week...

Littler grandson and his mom made these Easter treats and a few came to my house for us to taste test. They are the rice krispy nests and tasty.

I seem to be aiding and abetting the red squirrel population here.  Many, many more of these little guys running around this spring and they are feisty. I watch them chase off the gray and black squirrels all the time.

Hubby tells me Murphy often glances in this window when she is outside to see if I am sitting in my pet chair. But here, as I've told you before and is routine now, she is getting ready to let me know she wants in.

Another of the paths here...this one is through a very long line of deliberately planted cedars and it runs diagonally beside the stone fence that is very old, mossy and half buried in dirt.  Remnants of the stones can be found stretching all across the property.  In one section we found where foxes had used part of the fallen wall to make a den.  I would love to know more about that stone boundary and the cedar path and who would have made them. *Notice Murphy, our diva, must lead the way.

This week we had wonderful sun, albeit cold temperatures. This is heading to the little pond which is still quite frozen. Out of the shelter of trees, it is noticeably colder there. *Note Rex's very cute ears!

I was extra busy this week with staying with the grandsons so my stitching took a back seat.
However, I am on track to finish up A Patchwork Year, my Kathy Schmitz BOM...down to fiddly stuff on the last two blocks which I hope to do today.

Since Bunny season is almost here, it made me think of Beatrix Potter and her wonderful bunnies. And I just had to share this adorable Beatrix Potter picture of little mice all stitching away by candlelight. I think it is from The Tale of  Mrs. Tittlemouse.

Image result for beatrix potter bunnies stitching

I say nobody drew bunnies better.  I just love them all.
Anyway, hope your Sunday is calm and sweet just like these little things.

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Marie said...

I totally agree - best bunnies ever! And given that my circle of quilters are big hand piecers, it really reminds me of them too. Happy Easter!