Thursday 30 March 2023

Free Patterns, Seed Packet Quilt Talk, Slow Stitching Updates

Do you shop at the Bulk Barn or similar such store? 

 I went in there recently and was overwhelmed by the array of products. I had no idea they offered so many surprising items like teas, dog biscuits, vitamins, plus a full gluten free product section. I usually buy sunflower seeds for the birds there because there are no broken/empty shells in what they offer and when I saw some unique dog treats, bought those too. I find dog bones have become very expensive here.

Here is my capture of a White Breasted Nuthatch, one of the many that enjoy my sunflower seeds. 

 LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week is do we have a special baked goodie for Easter. I have never made Hot Cross Buns though Mom did and they are very popular this time of year. When the girls were little and I made my own bread, I would form bread rolls into a bunny shape to bake. I'd do the same thing for Christmas dinner forming a candy cane. I'm looking forward to what the Thursday group will share for this prompt...good eating going on there.

My spring jigsaw puzzle arrived lickety-split from Amazon. How do they do next day delivery??? I realized it fit in with all the planting/garden chatter we had per LeeAnna's last Thursday prompt. It is fun to read about planting/garden hopes for our rapidly approaching summer (I hope!). And pick up some tips too. 

I love the beautiful poster featuring vintage seed packets that arrived with this puzzle. 

Funny how one fairly uncommon thing can thing can suddenly appear somewhere else. I've shared Kate at The Last Homely House before when she got me started with the Plus quilt. Turns out Kate is also making the Kaffe Fassett Seed Packet quilt.
You can see Kate's version on her video below. I think she bought the kit so received the fussy cut blooms perfectly cut and ready to sew. If you love bright colour like Kate does, Fassett fabrics are for you.  I have a few stowed away somewhere and retrieve a bit when I want a piece of brilliant colour. But what a great choice for a gardener to work on in springtime especially when that spring is a grey, still freezing one. Sigh
The pattern is a simple one and any fabric with a pretty flowery motif could be substituted of course. 
My own stitching this week consisted of much more subdued sewing-joining more of the EPP pluses together in yellows and that interesting greenish yellow fabric.
I also began embroidering the third block of Snow Days

Thursday's Three Free

At Center Street Quilts Kristina shares her tutorial for making this fresh looking table runner. Tulips certainly remind me of spring too. How about you?
BTW, one of my favourite imaginative quilters, Audrey at Quilty Folk just finished another tulip motif quilt. It is her first finish of 2023 and it is so beautiful. 
At Coriander Quilts, Corey offers the free pdf file for a pretty springtime quilt she calls Tiled Blooms. So lovely with endless possibilities in terms of colours.
At the Fort Worth Fabric Studio's blog you will find a Beginner's level project tutorial and layout to stitch their Tea and Biscuits Table Runner. So pretty in spring colours too or this would also work well in autumn colours for all my friends in the southern hemisphere into autumn now.
Spring projects are not complete without a cute bunny design. Our Melisa at Pinker n Punkin Quilting and Stitching generously shares many patterns with us including this sweet one...Beatrice's Carrot Haul. Just love cross stitched bunnies!

She showed us her Bunny Tree in this post; amazing is all I can say!

I just love noting and sharing wonderful projects gathered from all over the internet. How generous so many designers are to provide the patterns free. 
When the Doggy Daycare closes for the weekend, I look forward to getting in the sewing room. Hope you have something to look forward to as well!


Angela said...

The Kaffe fabrics sure are cheerful and fun!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

lovely projects!!! I do not have a bulk barn but I would use it if I had it!!

Jeanna said...

You are so good to us! I appreciate the research you do each week and share so many nice things that we may otherwise miss.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love seeing the nuthatches on our trees and feeders, too - they have such a fascinating way of moving! Kaffe's fabrics are beautiful, but I never know quite how they would fit into my projects. The fussy cut squares look like they would makeca beautiful quilt, though. I also enjoy seeing what Audrey at Quilty Folk is making! That reminds me, I made a small wall-hanging out of her tulip pattern, which she so kindly shared a few years ago - time to get that one out again!

Jackie said...

What cheerful, bright fabrics.

We were wondering what bird was hopping up and down our trees and once we saw your Nuthatch photo realized that even though they are not supposed to be here we have them hopping around our trees as well.

God bless.

Brian's Home Blog said...

So many pretty things and that wee birdies sure is pretty. Enjoy the doggy daycare!

PaintedThread said...

Great nuthatch. We have rose-breasted ones around here. I like your plusses. Tiled Blooms looks like an interesting pattern.

Laura said...

I have used Kristina's tulip placemats pattern...the pattern is easy to follow and my project turned out really cute! In my neck of the woods, we have red breasted nuthatches and I love them! Last year, I spotted the white breasted nuthatches for the first time. I sure hope they come back this year! :)

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love the Kaffe quilt! Your projects look great. The freebie patterns all look great. Thank you!

Michele McLaughlin said...

I love the Kaffe Fassett quilt but have floral prints I need to use up. Am thinking I might use them in one way or another...This gives me ideas! I love your plus signs, they are coming together so well and love the variety of yellows! Can't wait to see your Snow Days third block in more detail! Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We have a Bulk Barn here but we rarely go, preferring instead to support a locally-owned bulk store. I know BB has a larger selection of items but we feel it's important to help out local people.
A nuthatch is quite often the viwew outside my window too. They enjoy the suet that DH puts out.
That's going to be a fun puzzle to put together. DH hasn't even looked at doing one over the winter - not sure why.
Thanks for the fun links!

audrey said...

Your yellow plus units are looking so lovely. I always think about doing EPP, but then never quite get the push to get started. So admire the people who put in the work to make it happen! And thanks for the shout-out! I may be just a teesy bit obsessed with using tulips in my quilts.:)

Linda said...

I like that seed packet puzzle. Your EPP crosses look very interesting! I wish we had a Bulk Barn!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Your EPP Pluses collection is growing nicely! And I love this Kaffe Fassett fabrics quilt!
Thank you for sharing, and linking up.

Jenn Jilks said...

I see all your beautiful work and want to do some, as well!

Robin said...

I love your photo of the Nuthatch. It is so unique to capture it on the side of the tree. The colors are good and the tree gives great contrast. I think you should enter it into a contest. You could look into the photo contest that the Audubon society has each year.