Friday, 10 January 2014

Blooming Geraniums

These are my geranium plants; I have three large ones that get replanted each spring into planters outside.  This is their fourth winter inside and I'm pleased by how well they do both inside and out.  One of my grandmothers grew geraniums which I remember well, and I started with one as a little sentimental memory of her.  However, I discovered I loved them too and have since expanded the group.  These have white, pink and red blossoms.  Geraniums are exceptionally sturdy and bloom almost continually during the May to October season.  Mine have always weathered the first tinges of overnight frost too in the fall. These will also provide some blooming during the winter but it is never as profuse as the summer display.
 I think they are very easy to grow if I can experience such success with them.  I read online that they like coffee so I do mix a little used coffee grinds into their soil from time to time and I also 'water' them with leftover coffee occasionally.  This seems to work well.  You do have to pinch back some leaves to force them to 'fill out', if not they will grow tall and 'leggy'.  There are many different types of geraniums with many leaf shapes and coloration, as well as a wide variety of colours in the blossoms.  I would recommend geraniums if you would like an easy-to-grow plant that provides an abundance of blooms without a lot of fussing or materials.