Thursday, 9 January 2014

Winter Bird Sightings

I was surprised to see this female cardinal enjoying a sunflower seed in the front yard.

I was doubly pleased to see two of them.  I rarely see one let alone two. They seemed to be traveling together because I later sighted them in the trees in the back yard.  No further sign of them two days later, however.  Perhaps they have moved south to warmer parts and I caught them right at the time they were flying through.

Here is a woodpecker joining the group on the ground.  I noticed he was aggressive with the mourning doves and they quickly flew away.

He took frequent breaks to peck at the old birch. 

I'm sorry about the quality of these photos.  It was far too cold to be outside standing around in the wind so I had to take them through the window pane.  The woodpecker is larger than the downy and hairy woodpeckers I see here from time to time; I'm not sure what kind he is.  He has become a frequent visitor to the feeder, and obviously, likes the sunflower seeds too.  Most of the birds tolerate each other well with very little squabbling; sometimes a little jockeying for space will occur but nothing more than that.  However, this woodpecker was keeping all the other birds including the bluejays away from his perceived area.
Luckily we are having a break from the very cold temperatures of late.  There is a promise of +9 degrees for this Saturday, absolutely balmy.  It will give my feathered friends a much needed respite from the cold as well.