Monday, 6 January 2014

In-Head Babbling

The weather changed during the night.  It went from very cold and snow flurries to warmer and freezing rain.  Rex, the Shepherd, had a restless night perhaps because there was wind baffling around the windows and eaves.  I didn't sleep well either and was up several times peering out the windows; it was strangely light outside and all the trees were illuminated.  I didn't see a thing moving.
It was one of those nights, rare for me these days, when I couldn't stop my in-head babbling, as I think of it. One of those nights when everyone I knew marched through my head.  I thought of all the things I'd said to people that may have hurt them, regret this very much, of course, and then compounded it by thinking of all the hurtful things said to me.  You don't survive a working world and live to my age without hurtful words sometimes given and received, but why this would come back to haunt me I don't really know.  Maybe it is with me because for the most part, it was a rare occurrence so they stand out, as it were.  Maybe because my basic nature is one that likes everything copasetic and all in harmony to feel okay.  Who knows. On the up side, I did manage to read 30 pages of my latest novel in between the babbling. 

On to other things...
    Here is my afghan.  I wanted to show you the edging I am working.  It is a simple shell stitch and I am going to continue with another row and make it wider.  I have lots of the brown wool so may as well use it.  It takes quite a while to get round it once.  Last night episodes of Vera and Inspector George Gently did not see me finish a round, so it's rather slow going.