Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mother Earth's Quilting Book

I read all kinds of books including lots of non-fiction and reference material.  I particularly enjoy books about quilting, needlework, embroidery and the like.  I love finding inspiration in new patterns and methods, and luckily, for people like me, there is an abundance of such waiting to be discovered.  I wanted to share this particular quilting book with you because I was totally captivated by the designs.  It features the work of  German born, Sieglinde Schoen Smith, whose hand-made, hand-embroidered quilt Mother Earth and Her Children, won top prize at the International Quilt Festival.  She employs applique with batik fabrics which she favours for their vibrant colours and embroidery to fashion the faces and details of the designs.  This book contains a variety of patterns, both small and full sized and complete instructions to follow to make a number of projects.  Her faces, in particular, are beautifully embroidered and her choice of colours inspiring.  I do think you would enjoy having a look at her work either on-line or in her books.