Sunday, 12 January 2014

Projects Finished, Projects Begun

The weather is a tease today.  Mild temperatures (relatively) and intermittent rain have melted snow and water is running down the house drain spouts.  It is spring...momentarily for sure.  In the old days people thought these sudden swings in mid-winter temperatures caused colds or flu. 
It is enough to entice me outside though.  I linger over my few chores...emptying the ash can, picking up some of the doggie do in the back yard and extend my shovelling around the walkways.  The snow is mostly slushy and heavy to lift.  It is too slippery though for ball playing with the dogs...with these big dogs I am mindful of their hips and joints.  Murphy, the Labrador, puts her heart and soul into the ball retrieving and I think she would be especially susceptible.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in my sewing room.  I am making a crib quilt for the new grandson.
   Here is a picture of my quilt sandwich...
I am going to quilt it by embroidering some figures in the plain blocks.  Since there are animals in the blue fabric, I'm going to use animals shapes for this quilting.  Right now the three layers are held together by loose running stitches. 

I finally finished the granny squares afghan.  Episodes of Justified and Homeland saw me through!
I crocheted around the edge three stitch the first time, treble stitch on the second and more shell stitch on the third go round.  Though you can't tell how large it is from this photo of it on my bed, it took ages to make each trip around.  Luckily, I am pleased with the end result and the frilly look of it.  I think it suits the overall old-fashioned look of this afghan.