Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ruffed Grouse and Making Left Turns

                                          Ruffed grouse in a backyard tree

They arrive every day and seem to be picking and tearing at the bark on this one very old tree; what they are finding I haven't a clue.


Years ago I read a  novel about a woman who did not want to make left turns when driving.  She would circle around, up one street, down another to enable this practice.  This involved elaborate advance planning and much examination of road maps especially when she had to go somewhere new to her.  I identify with her in that I don't like left turns either and I can add another thing I don't like...changing lanes mid-traffic.  I like knowing in advance which lane to take and then sticking to it.
I read somewhere I am being true to my gender in this preference; women are much less likely to change lanes as much as men.  I've also read that this lane-changing behaviour accounts for a significant number of accidents so women are being naturally and I think wisely, more cautious.  Caution on the highways is certainly a good thing.
If I had the money or inclination, an indulgence would be to have a driver.  I much prefer being driven than having to do the driving.  I was late in life getting my license, just over 30, and have never loved it, though I do like cars.