Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Not Happy With My Stitching

I took a short course in learning how to applique about six years ago.  This hanging was what I produced as a result.
 My teacher was very skilled in this technique and brought in a bed cover that she had made that was simply magnificent.  All the Baltimore Album type motifs in pastel colours looked like something that would have graced a bed in a rich home in days gone by.

 She introduced us to batik fabrics which, these days, she favoured for her appliqued projects.  She liked how thin and easy to pin in place they were. Besides which the colours and patterns are simply beautiful.
 I was totally unfamiliar with them living under a rock as I'd been in terms of the fabric world.

I was uncomfortable with my work.  I never did think my sewing as fine and delicate yet strong enough as it should have been.  However, I enjoyed the process very much...everything from the fabric selection, pattern design choices, to the silk threads and tiny needles.

  Learning about batiks was a great benefit from that course; I keep thinking I will use them again for a wall hanging.  I love admiring them when I see them used in my blogging friends' quilts.

Someone told me I am a perfectionist when I was talking about not being happy with this work of mine.  I say I know enough to know my stitches were not as tiny and even as they should have been.  I'm sensible enough to know that I need lots more practice and that would hopefully improve my technique. 

But I do have the thought often that my interest outstrips my ability in many of my pursuits.