Thursday, 23 January 2014

Children and The Guilty One

I believe that children are the true miracles on this earth (and by extension I include all living creatures).  The idea of conception and birth, the whole concept of bringing forth a living being is monumental in scope and wondrous in its magic.  Children represent what is vital in the world, if gone cannot, like youth itself, be gotten back.
The whole idea of childhood, children, and other helpless creatures is an area I have to let my mind tread carefully in.  My experiences in the work world and what I read in newspapers and books have shown me the suffering and misery that some children endure.  Simply said, it is a realism that is hard for caring folks to bear.

This brings me to a book I read  prior to Christmas.  I've been meaning to tell you about it for awhile.

I enjoyed this book, The Guilty One by Lisa Ballantyne, very much.  In the beginning we are introduced to Daniel, a solicitor who specializes in family matters, and his latest eleven year old boy is charged with the murder of an eight year old boy.  This story is one thread throughout the novel; Daniel's life as the son of a drug user and eventual experiences in the foster care system make up the other thread.  Daniel, as a young teen, winds up with a woman named Minnie, who literally saves his life.  Their story is beautifully told, heartbreaking and made me cry. 
You can check out more about Lisa on her website,

 Ahh, children, how they deserve and, sadly so many, still need our protection.