Friday, 2 October 2015

Getting Used To It

 "I think I've found the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it."

                                                                                     Charles M. Schulz

In this house the only preeminent architecture is in the living room.  It has a vaulted ceiling and a brick fireplace that reaches all the way to that ceiling. A large bow window is another feature in this room which btw, is really my room.  Hubby only appears there at 6:30 pm to be served his supper on a tray and begin the evening t.v. viewing.  Yes, I admit most nights we eat supper on trays.  I read once that Nancy and Ronald Reagan did the same thing so apparently we're in good company, LOL.

 This window allows a lot of the garden in.  That includes sections of the birch tree, bird feeder and bushes.  There is a cast of light and greenness in the spring and summer just as in winter the reflection will echo the white of snow. Below is my perch at a small table I keep by that window.  The light is usually perfect for stitching and of course, I can see the whole of the front garden and keep an eye out for the birds and chipmunks. 

 Elsewhere in the house there are lots of pocket doors, one set French.  There are also lots of large windows and when I first arrived, all of them were uncurtained.  This was perhaps one of the hardest things for me to get accustomed to.  Where I come from curtains/drapes/window treatments, whatever you name them, were a given, sometimes even fortified with a blind of one sort or another.  Come a certain time of evening and all windows could be cloaked providing privacy and added warmth.
Hubby kept telling me we didn't need anything covering the windows sitting as we are in the middle of the woods.  I tried to explain that the bareness and blankness of those night windows was too unnerving for me and made me feel self-conscious.  I said  even the trees at night pose a watchfulness I didn't like, and yes, even as I was saying it I knew it sounded silly and melodramatic. But in the end I did get curtains for two of the rooms...the living room and our bedroom.  Now though, I have become so used to the dark filling those windows I sometimes forget to close them. I guess it just goes to show you can get yourself used to just about anything.