Monday, 19 October 2015

Ahhing Over Acorns

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."
                                     Ralph Waldo Emerson

Littlest grandson and I have been watching the Youtube videos of Scrat, the prehistoric squirrel from the Ice Age movies who risks life and limb to attain that elusive acorn.  These crazy scenes give grandson the chance to say some of his favourite words- wow, oh oh and no.  Truth is I get a real kick out of them too.

We can't walk anywhere on the property these days without crunching through hundreds of fallen acorns.  There must be thousands alone under that old oak tree.
There are so many squirrels darting this way and that, the dogs are going crazy.

Here I am standing under that old oak tree; I showed you this back in June.  Can you imagine how many acorns such a tree could produce.

It prompted me to look around for acorn inspired works and turns out, there are hundreds of items.  I picked a few to share with you today.

Like one of my favourites, William Morris.

William Morris ~ Christmas ~ Acorn Ribbon fabric by peacoquettedesigns ...william morris wallpaper design, arts and crafts movement

The one on the top is his Christmas pattern.

You have to look closely to find the acorns in that sea of green oak leaves on the other one.

Or another of my favourites, Kathy Schmitz. I just love how her little squirrel is wearing a sweater.    HERE is a link to her site.       

                Sweet Stitches Little Acorns - September


I would love to have this lamp and how appropriate for this property.  Someone told me I can get one like this at Amazon.

Cross sttich patterns featuring acorns abound.  I just love this design that Carol at Stitching Dreams  worked.  It is a Prairie Schooler Band Sampler called Tall Oaks.


I love the little squirrels and the way the leaves on the tree have been depicted.  When you check out Carol's blog be sure to read the story of her oak tree and her son; it's the reason this particular piece is special to her.

And in knitting too...


This is the Oak Leaf and Acorn Scarf, a very pretty pattern.  It is available at the awesome Ravelry site . 
The pattern is an eyelet one with the oak leaves falling into a row of acorns and was rated average in difficulty. 

And let's not forget crochet....Val's Corner offers the complete instructions for making these adorable little guys.

 I just love this little silver Tiffany Acorn thimble/pill box.   How special is this.

Tiffany acorn trimble case and

And aren't these cute?  Ann at My Nearest and Dearest gives a tutorial on how to make these with your kids. 

                       DIY personalised acorn Christmas ornaments. My Nearest and Dearest blog.

Kate Middleton's newly made crest just prior to her royal marriage features three acorns representing the three children in her family. I wonder did William Morris influence that choice at all.

Whew! I think I'm acorned out.