Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My One and Only Makeup Tip

I'm really really late to the makeup game.  I went through university without owning a tube of lipstick, yes I was one of those.  I thought of myself as a natural girl and would not hear tell of using blush or lipstick.  I still can't use foundation; it makes my face feel dirty.

This set up a reverse kind of argument with my mother.  Mom was always a girly girl and loved all the accoutrements; she never left the house without every hair firmly in place, her makeup on and earrings chosen to match whatever outfit she was wearing.  She was always asking/encouraging/pleading me to let her put a little blush on me, for me to wear an earring besides a stud, to let her fix my hair... said hair that I was cutting myself (and still do).  Mind you, she never ever made me feel badly about my looks; she was always careful to say I would look prettier if I did use makeup. 

  I really had no clue about how any of those things would enhance my looks...that was still many decades into my future.  Not that I wear that much makeup these days, but I finally realized when the glasses came off that I look like I don't have eyes without a little liner and I usually do wear a little lipstick out and about.

So I come to my one and only makeup tip.

 I got this tip from none other than Cindy Crawford. She gave it to me and a few million other women many years ago. Cindy was appearing on Oprah and told what models do so they never get lipstick smudges on their teeth.  I scoffed at her tone at the time...she took this so seriously like she was imparting some kind of wisdom.

But I never forgot it and use it still to this day when I apply lipstick.

Apply lipstick, open your mouth, insert your finger (any finger will do), close lips lightly over finger, and draw your finger out of your mouth.  While you may have lipstick on your finger, you will never have lipstick on your teeth.

 Every now and then I see a woman with a lipstick smudge and I think oh she could use Cindy and my makeup tip.  LOL