Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Aching But Maybe A Cake Cures Everything

Tired here this morning.  I have legs aching like I have run a marathon, and believe me, I haven't.  As the joke goes, my get up and go has got up and went. Hopefully it has not gone far.  But this has not made me cranky thankfully.  I'm doing everything as I normally would just slower.  I  broke down and took a Tylenol, something I rarely do, so I'm sure by this afternoon I will feel fine.  Enough about that.


Last little bouquet of marigolds on the kitchen shelf.  To the left is a cure for fruit flies. They enjoy hanging out around the kitchen compost pail.  I found this idea on the internet...apple cider vinegar with orange peels, covered with saran wrap with a few holes punched through.  Works well though a little scary just how many flies we managed to drown.  Don't look too closely at the bottom.

 Our wood has been delivered and we are all set for our winter fires.  We lose the power here off and on so it is a comfort knowing we will always be warm, able to boil a kettle and heat a tin of beans, LOL.  And there is no other heat that warms your bones quite like wood heat. The older Hubby gets, the warmer he wants to be.

I smiled when I saw this title in my inbox this morning, The Cake That Cures Everything.  What a great name for a cake!   Ruth Reichl includes it in her book My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life.   The Recipe makes a big cake, but as Ruth points out, can you have too much chocolate cake.  Not possible, says Hubby. And could it cure aching legs I wonder.

The Cake That Cures Everything (Chocolate Cake)

Into my Favourites File went this recipe.

Morning chores done; I am getting cozy on the couch with my stitching and a little Sherlock and thankful yet again for the joy of retirement.

 Aching legs or not, this is Bliss!