Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Thrift Store Finds

Older daughter and I had a rare chance to shop together recently and I wanted to check out a Value Village.  It was a Senior's Discount Day too and there were lots of my ilk milling around.  Two things I've noticed about seniors, they are more apt to acknowledge another shopper and more likely to make a comment about the various treasures we are all looking at.

 I met a nice lady in housewares who in between telling me she was in the middle of treatments (for what, I don't know) gave me a talk about the various china patterns she has owned in her lifetime as well as her mother's. I found this interesting because she appeared to be quite elderly but had a sharp as a tack memory for dishes.  I also admired her walker; it had a special shelf for shopping and had a seat rigged into it as well.  Very convenient and she was pleased I noticed this.

But back to my shopping.

Here's what I handled and coveted but didn't buy.

A foot massager.  New in the box, never taken from its' styrofoam cushions.  You could also soak your feet in it.  I was thinking of Hubby and wondering if it was something he would use.  I decided he probably should but more than likely wouldn't.   

A book called America's Best Cross Stitch.  This is a book I used to own so a little sentimentality snuck in there as I looked through it. But I resisted.

A copy of Tina Fey's Bossy Pants.  I've read it but wondered who I could pass it along to.

A large outdoor planter.  Our planters are wooden and very old and literally disintegrating a little more each year.  We will need new ones.  But I'd have to huff this to the car and it's fall now soooo...

Here's what I bought...

A brand new adult colouring book of mandalas, those lovely swirly designs.  I thought Daughter might use it.  For 99cents I figure you can't really go wrong.

A ceramic rooster planter.   It's got Portugal stamped on the bottom and it does look like something I would think of from there.  And I thought a good home for it is here on the farm. By the way, we hear the neighbour's rooster just about every morning so don't need one of our own.

I don't usually look at the jewelry there but this time I did and I loved these silver bracelets.  Only one of the three has a letter on it but they look good anyway.  I seem to be enjoying silver jewelry more and more. 

I debated a long time over this.  It a large bouquet of flowers worked in crewel.  The stitching is very close, almost tight which made me wonder if the right choice about working it in wool was made.  But as you can see, it is pretty nonetheless. I don't think it is provincial flowers, but I wondered if it could be state flowers.

  I had just the right spot at the end of the hall and you can see a reflection of the spare bedroom there with it's oversized bright sunny window.  Not a mark on it to see who may have made it and the frame looks almost home made, certainly home varnished.  All in mint condition.

 I had the small lonely thought wouldn't it be sweet if the embroiderer could know her work had ended up here on my wall much admired by me.

Not bad for a look round; I always enjoy thrift shopping no matter what I buy... or don't.