Thursday, 29 October 2015

Finished Embroidered Blocks and Aunt Eliza's Star

Orts of which I have plenty.
 I try my best to corral them but they love to escape.  In fact, I've discovered they love to travel.
 Often I decorate the sofa with them, sometimes the hem of my skirt, especially the front of a sweater, sometimes Hubby's fleece jackets.  Once an especially long one dangled from Murphy's mouth.  Hubby said he found one floating in the aquarium one day.  I spied one at Daughter's house just the other day; it was the bright pink of the last flower in my wildflowers block 6 so I knew it was unmistakenly mine.
 I must be an especially messy embroiderer is all I can say.

My Block 6 of Hazel's Summer Wild Flowers Quilt is finished. Sorry for the quality of the photo.  I took it yesterday which was a dark and rainy day thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia.

 I've been thinking about the blocks to sew for the border to complete this quilt.
  I've settled on a star patchwork design as I'd really like to improve my sewing of star blocks; they are some of my favourites. They also would have been very popular during Hazel's time and quilting years.
The first I'm using is Aunt Eliza's Star pattern.  I have sewn four so far, two blue and two red.  I made the red ones last and I can see how my technique had improved by then and I also was much faster.  My new machine is working quite well and I'm loving having the quilter's foot with the 1/4 inch seam built in. 

Now if I had one of those snazzy design walls, I could put them all together to see how they would look.

On a completely different topic.  This has been in the news a lot lately.
Have you seen the new New Math?  There have been several updates of Math since I went to school.  Who knew there could even be such a thing.
 This latest is confounding and prompting lots of complaints from parents who are probably familiar with the old New math themselves. I'm finding it mind-boggling which I'm sure is a direct reflection of my age.  What do you make of it?

Here's a sample...
Image result for new math images