Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Gift of a Special Sewist's Lamp

 People often ask what would you like for Christmas or your birthday.
 I always have a hard time saying anything.  I have just  about everything I need and mostly Hubby and I go and buy anything that crops up as either a need or a want.  I am certainly at a point where I don't want things as such anyway.  But I do realize saying to Daughters "I want you to be happy" which would be the biggest gift I could get isn't that helpful when they are looking for suggestions.

   Above is a photo of a Christmas gift that I received several years ago.  If I'd seen it in the store, I probably would have said I would like to have it. I was very happy with how unique this little lamp old fashioned flame type bulb sitting atop a large spool of thread. As a lamp, it provides a very soft glow, not enough light to actually sew by.  I am especially pleased by who the giver is...a member of hubby's deceased wife's family; happily they have accepted me into their circle and we continue to attend their various family gatherings.  The giver thought I would like to put it in my sewing room but that happens to be in the basement and this lamp is too pretty to be hidden down there. 

What's on my night table....

This novel, Bereft by Chris Womersley takes place in Australia.  It tells the story of a young man named Quinn who flees from home under suspicion when his sister is murdered.  He eventually returns home with the hope of clearing his name.  Quinn quickly realizes that he must stay in hiding and lives in the woods near his family farm.  It is in these woods that he meets and forms an allegiance with a young orphan girl who is also in hiding. This book won the 2011 Australian Indie Award as well as being nominated for other awards.
 I enjoyed it very much; I especially liked the young girl who showed a lot of courage. I also liked the use of the word bereft.  It has a potency all its own.  It is used in the novel and is aptly descriptive of how horrible events in life can make a person feel.

One of Robert Frosts' poems is called Bereft.  It was entirely new to me.  Anyway you can read it