Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sewing Advice From 1949 And Garden Beauties

 Daughter sent this to my Facebook page and a few of my friends have had a laugh at it.  I wonder is it real.  Did someone actually write this for women to take seriously.


I think sewists have always had a good sense of humour.  I know there is always lots of laughing whenever they get together.

 Meanwhile I've rounded the corner on the edging of my Strawberry Thief.  I'm still trying to spend a good hour stitching it in the best of the afternoon light when I'm home.  And when there are no 'urgent household chores' of course, and my 'hair is in order'.  LOL

 One last little apple left on one of the ancient apple trees.  The dogs have had a great time snacking on the old fallen apples.  It always surprises me that they aren't all whisked away by foraging animals.

  And here is Murphy doing just that.  She has a great nose for food and other less desirable but equally smelly things.

  Sedum always provide a little colour even late in the fall.  Another wonderful perennial.

 Son in law has been growing pumpkins and tried several different kinds.  Here are his best from the garden this year.  The one on the end is the most beautiful shade of perfect orange.
One will definitely be a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

So things are golden, yellow and orange here.  Definitely the colours of the season. 
 Hope there is something golden in your world too.