Thursday, 8 October 2015

Orange Is Not My Favourite Colour But....

The first of the Canada Geese have started their very noiisy trek overhead.
 The tree tops are changing colours and though sunny, the light has a different feel to it.  Kind of like it is a little washed out.  And the night time temperatures are really cooling down fast with threats of frost.
There you have it, fall settling ever so slowly but definitely in.

Yesterday was a splendid day for me in the garden.  I moved all the tomato plants into the greenhouse, separated and transplanted some perennials and cleaned out a couple of flower beds.  The marigolds, cosmos and daisies are starting to looking a little wan but I won't bring the geraniums back into the house till later this month. As I showed, the asters, sneezeweed and sedum are all doing well. We did enjoy lots of green beans.  I waded into the Chinese Lantern bed which has grown out into the field and cut several bunches to give away.  Like Straw flowers, when dried they keep for many months which makes them a great bouquet choice.

The interesting thing about Chinese Lanterns is that the flowers space themselves along the stem and mostly remain hidden till you lift each plant.  In this picture, you'll have to take my word for it that there are hundreds of flowers hiding there.

One of the bunches today.  The leaves will die away and the stems dry to a crispy straw.

This is what is left from a very large bunch I picked three or four years ago.  At this stage they have an interesting sculpture-like look to them.  I love the way the stems have joints and bends. I can see why they are a favourite with artists.
I could only find this one example of these delightful flowers worked in a stitchery and this is in vintage yarn from Etsy.


The fresh air and work out made me feel better about myself.  I think I needed that pick me up.
 I felt I'd earned the curry dinner I cooked for us last night.

Hudson's Farm Food Stand is winding down; just the corn left and since the kids have gone back to school, it is operating on a honour system.  They have a a change box for you put your money in and help yourself to your corn.  They've done it this way for years so I guess it must work for them.

The pumpkin stand has always been on the honour system.

I realized that though orange is not my favourite colour, these two very orange items, pumpkins and Chinese Lanterns, are favourites of mine.
I just heard on the radio that we will be sending pumpkins down to the states to help shore up the loss of their pumpkins due to heavy rain.  We will be helping their Jack-O-Lantern season which is nice because what would Halloween be without pumpkins.