Friday, 26 November 2021

Two Sewing Room Additions, Great Gift Idea, Foundation Stitched Scrappy Trees, The Thanksgiving Star

 I have two additions to my sewing room, neither of them are brand new but I'm enjoying both very much.  

Daughter was updating her den tv and had her bedroom tv available so she gave it to me for my sewing room. I'm able to watch whatever I want, well, listen to really.  So that's been fun.  I've watched the new Dexter which Hubby has no interest in. Yes, and another place to drape fabric!

My little $79 Brother sewing machine bit the biscuit last week. Wow, it served me well and I treated it horribly. Certainly did not clean it as much as I should have or oil it, etc.  This Singer is 7 or 8 years old but has not been used much at all and certainly not day to day.  It's been a surprise treat to have such a quiet, beautifully functioning machine to sew with. Perhaps I will enjoy machine stitching more. 
Speaking of sewing rooms, it was so interesting to read about your sewing room treats or lack thereof when I asked that question in this post about sewing room snacks. I guess a bad experience with spilled drinks or dropped peanut butter splotches would definitely deter you from having food or drink around the stitching. I heard about M&M's, tiny Halloween bars, and caramels...I guess easy to pop in your mouth treats so not messy.
 But I was surprised  by how many of you have no food or drink whatsoever in your work area at all. I thought of you when I took a large cup of tea and one of those health bars with me to my sewing room recently. However, the drink is always in my Yeti cup which is safe if the little lip is closed. Btw, this is the best of these insulated drink cups I've found. In the heat of summer, the ice cubes would still be in the cup after all night. Mine is just like this, 20 oz silver.  But I really like the cool colours you can get them in like the pretty Seafoam colour here at Amazon.  Great gift idea.

We are rewatching Deadwood.  A bit raw to say the least but so well acted with such interesting characters. Calamity Jane! Wild West indeed! Hubby has watched it before but I never did.  Fun to see a young Timothy Olyphant who we enjoyed in Justified and also Paula Malcomsom whose performance as Abs in Ray Donovan we really enjoyed. Many consider Deadwood the greatest American tv series ever made. I did not know that.
This is making me think of my dad and his love of Louis L'Amour novels. He read them all and I remember he would be so happy when another one was out in paperback so he could get a copy. 
I've sewn a few more foundation pieced scrappy trees. Great little project for in between kind of stitching. Also to use up odd scraps too.
I loved this post at With Strings Attached. Nann visited The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts for a showing of Victoria Findlay Wolfe's retrospective exhibit.  Very interesting to read about Victoria and to see her displayed quilted journey. Her quilts are artful beauties!

I'm enjoying reading about the wonderful Thanksgiving so many of my American friends enjoyed. I thought of you all as a flock of ten turkeys weathered in our front yard yesterday trying to stay dry in the downpours of rain.

Such pretty feathers to view as they finally exit by way of the side lawn. 
Have a great weekend all!
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Jenny said...

What fun to have 10 turkeys come calling. What did your dog think of that? Bet he could hardly contain his excitement through the window.

Nancy J said...

Not much in the w3ay of Celebrations for Thanksgiving down here, and I hope that many turkeys survive.So good to have your own TV, I know I enjoyed mine, it was in a separate room, and I could watch early morning TV, and some programs that Hugh didn't like.

Jackie said...

How wonderful that you get wild turkeys visiting you. I really enjoy that photo.

I have a small table that I move into the living room when I want to sew and watch/listen to the television. I do have a small one in my sewing room that I can watch DVD's on.

God bless.

Brian said...

Those are really too good additions to your sewing room. Hey, we have Yeti cups here too, they are the best. Love the turkey crew, what a sight to see.

Nancy said...

Congrats on your two new additions, Jocelyn. A quiet sewing machine is a real blessing (imo)!
I had not heard of Deadwood before. I'll look into it, though I'm not a huge fan of westerns.
Thanks for the link to Victoria Finley Wolfe's photos at Nann's blog. She's a quilter who pushes the boundaries and continues to experiment. There are several of her quilts that I love.
I'm looking forward to seeing your trees in a quilt top!

Jenn Jilks said...

I've seen turkeys on my trailcams!
I like the tree quilt pattern.
Good work recycling stuff. We gave our Effy desk to my daughter, as JB couldn't use it.

Marie said...

Nice that you had a backup machine at the ready when yours decided to give out, and equally nice that you're enjoying sewing with it. Of course I LOVE your Little Trees - you look like you are making great progress with them. Some day I might try paper piecing and see how that goes. I think that I tried it once but if so, it was ages ago. BTW, I very seldom have food/drink nearby when I'm at the machine - just don't trust that it's not going to end up all over my piecing!

Linda said...

Those turkeys are so beautiful. Makes me not want to eat another one! I was just thinking this morning how neat it would be to have a little TV in our kitchen, because we have a wall between our living room and kitchen. I'd love to have one in my sewing room, but I'd have to take something off the wall to put it up - lol! Dexter freaked me out when I watched it years ago, but my husband loved it. We laughed so hard watching Deadwood. At first it was a shock and then we got used to the creative uses of the F word - oh my! Those little trees are darling.
It's always fun reading your posts Jocelyn. :)

PaintedThread said...

You're reminding me my Singer needs to be oiled. A quiet machine is so nice! I have a travel mug I use all the time when I travel, but never think of using it around the house.

piecefulwendy said...

What a great photo of the turkeys, and thanks for the heads up on Deadwood, I might need to watch that one. At some point I'll have a tv in my sewing room again, and it can't come soon enough, since hubs has lately been engrossed in football and I need somewhere else to go and watch something fun. Ha! I love my Yeti mug - I'm so amazed at how well it keeps things hot or cold! said...

Oh how cool to see the turkeys. I was considering my trip to Cape Cod recently and all the wild turkeys I saw wandering around neighborhoods there. Nice to have a back up machine. I have been searching for a newer machine but I don't want to spend thousands of dollars. I drink in my sewing room I always keep a ceramic coaster by my machines for my water or coffee.

Deb said...

My Dad also loved Louis L'Amour. That man had sand. I use a Yeti mug also and have only had a few sewing room accidents , but never on a quilt or top. As a big tv listener while I sew, I hear alot of detective shows, Project runways ( only watch when they have the runway portion) and British Mysteries!
So much fun! Stay safe and sew on !

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Great post - you will love that TV in your sewing area. Yup - cleaning our machines keeps them going. I am lucky that Clay cleans mine. Deadwood - Humm. We are almost finished with Centennial which is running on Amazon Prime. Down to 4 more episodes. Christmas trees looking good. Have a great Friday (am late in posting). Hugs