Monday, 24 February 2014

Decorating Country-Style

One of my daughters enjoys primitive style decor and has quite a few such items she has carefully chosen to decorate her house.  Some are more vintage type accessories and others are kind of country elegant, I guess you could say.  This photo is of an embroidered saying she has above  her doorway entering the kitchen.  It was worked quite simply in running stitch for the letters and stems; daisy stitch and French knots for the berries.  It gives a rustic impression but upon close inspection, was worked quite well.
So sorry about the flash blossom in the center of this photo.  This is another example she has on one of her walls.  Again it is a simple design for the embroidered picture and is worked in running stitch with a few French knots and straight stitches included.  The little unrhymed verse reads "The bright warm sun of happiness, the soft cool shade of joy, May these always be in your heart, today and your whole life through."

Country Sampler

I often read the magazine Country Sampler and enjoy looking at all the projects, crafts and handmade items available to order.  It is published seven times a year and always includes a visit to a house that people have renovated or built and decorated with a country/primitive style.  There are many ideas for how to include antique and vintage items in your home decor.  They include prices and addresses for obtaining most of the items featured which is very useful; I especially like the Craft Showcase section with all the links to online sites.
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 The Christmas issue is always my favourite followed closely by the autumn one.  So much inspiration from so many people out there crafting and collecting!