Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Undecorating and String Quilt

                                              Time to take them down, sigh.

I follow the tradition of my island home and hang my Christmas cards on string over the doorways.  This year I had enough to decorate the entrances to the dining room, hallway and living room.  I love seeing them displayed like this because you get to see each one and also it is nice to carry on another tiny tradition.  I let them linger as I take my time 'undecorating' the house after Christmas.  These will be the last to go.

                                         Red, White and Blue String Quilt

This is a string quilt I made last year.  I was reviewing the quilting videos on Youtube when I came across a string quilt tutorial from the wonderful Moussouri Quilting Company.  I realized I had lots of scraps and the method presented was a great way to use them up.  Jenny Doan shows how to foundation piece using ten inch paper for the foundations.  I decided to do a Union Jack theme of red, white and blue and followed Jenny's directions with one exception.  I cut ten inch squares of white cloth instead of paper; I think it was an old sheet I'd found in the back of a closet.  It worked up quite quickly and is an effective way to use up those larger pieces we all have in our stash.