Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Amusing My Small Mind

I have my elliptical trainer positioned in a large window in the back bedroom.  I can see the side woods down to the outer garages and part of the front lawn from this window.  I keep an eye out for the birds that I can tell are crisscrossing from the feeder to these trees.  Today a small black squirrel provided me with some amusement while I went about my workout.  It did not want to traverse the lawn in a direct path; I'm thinking the zigzagging and antics he was going through were particularly to thwart some unseen enemy.  Just what enemy did he think was watching?  He would certainly know better than I.  Here's what he was doing...he would creep down to the base of his tree, hold steady there for a minute, then make a mad dash across the lawn, suddenly stop and hold himself completely still, turn around and race back to the sanctuary of his tree.  After a brief rest, he would slink back down the tree and start this process all over again.  This advancing and retreating lasted about fifteen minutes till he finally made it across the lawn.  Sadly, these efforts may not be fruitful; the front feeder is one of those that is squirrel proof and the lever shuts when any weight is on it.  However there are usually some seeds scattered around on the ground so with a little luck he may find a nibble or two.
My little friend may be one of these three who have been hanging around lately.