Thursday, 6 February 2014

No Siree, Not Me

They say you should never say never.  Maybe is the new never. But there are at least three things that at this stage of life I can say I will never do.

#1 Go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.  Why on earth not, you might ask?  Anyway, the first person to survive a trip over the falls was a woman, Annie Edson Taylor, in 1901.  Good for her.

#2 Go bungee jumping.  Besides my fear of heights, I have this thing about how the jump must affect your joints particularly the ankles, as in, not good for them.  I also will never do the walk around the outside of the CN Tower tethered onto it somehow; it's called Edgewalk and I understand they have several months waiting list for people lined up to do it.  Not me.  You will never find me hiring a helicopter to take me up a mountain so I can ski the sheerest of cliffs down.  I guess I could have shortened this one just to say any extreme sport or anything involving heights.

#3 Driving with the window down and my arm stuck out.  Do you realize how many people have sheered off an elbow that way?  Apparently quite a few. It just gives me the shivers to think about it.  I bet those people were not driving a Corrolla or a Honda Civic, though.  Strikes me it would have to be something cooler. 

                                                What's on my night table

 This book, The Widow's Tale by Mick Jackson, is a very enjoyable read.  The writing style is chatty and funny (it reminded me of Bridget Jone's Diary) even while dealing with a sad topic.  The heroine is just widowed and she literally runs away from home while she comes to grips with her new status. I loved her honesty and witty take on aging, men, relationships, etc.  I was surprised to realize the author, a man, could so aptly identify the emotional baggage women carry.