Friday, 14 February 2014

Snowy Valentine's Day

A photo of the birch in front of the house last night.  The snow falling is captured as streaks.  We are receiving about fifteen cm today so it is a very snowy Valentine's Day.

At this stage of life most of us could qualify as relationship experts.  We've worked on enough staffs or teams, had a few partners, and worked through teenaged years with the children; all in all enough to make us wonder why it is that relationships must be so hard.  If there is one thing I have learned, it is just that- relationships are hard work.  But there is also no denying that most of the time the people involved are worthy of that hard work, so we do our best to keep at it.    
I have a perpetual curious streak about the whole marriage/partnership relationship.  As an institution, marriage is not working very well.  I heard an "expert" explain that this generation of young people will likely have at least three and maybe as many as five partners throughout their life time.  They will be much more adept and accepting of change than my generation. 
Ahh, Valentine's Day.  Each year it seems to be accorded more attention.  I must admit some of these extravagant gestures made just for the day bother me.  I have qualms about them, however sweet and genuine they appear. 
 Before you think me a total cynic about loving and relationships, I should declare that I am somewhat of a romantic though perhaps one with a firm hold on realism.  I much prefer small daily gestures of a loving nature; I try to give these and I'm happy to report, that I'm also on the  receiving end of them as well. 
Here is what King Henry VIII once wrote to Anne Boleyn," I have now been above one year stricken with the dart of love."  Well we know how that worked out for her, don't we?