Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ongoing Patchwork and All Seeing Women's Eyes

"You're looking with your man's eyes" I say to hubby when he can't see the pickle jar, the very large one right  in front of him on the fridge shelf.  Sometimes I catch him on the verge of accusation, thinking I've hidden something, but I think he has learned better.  He will say to me now that he needs my woman's eyes to help locate this or that. 
I could never be a hoarder; perhaps my mild claustrophobia prevents such a condition in me.  Those homes where you have to climb over mounds of stuff to wend your way through make me almost breathless to watch.  With such in mind, I have been steadily cleaning out the basement.  Four decades of accumulation translates into lots of stuff to be weaned for the garbage.  I always let hubby see into every bag.  He possesses a hawkish memory and I always know somewhere down the road he would think of some widget or other and go looking for it and you know who would be blamed for its disappearance.  He's been wonderful, I have to say though, about supporting my basement ditching efforts. 

Here is my summer project I label "ongoing" (rather than "unfinished").
I accumulated a lot of blue fabric and needed to use it up.  Since it was all different sizes I decided to sew a patchwork type block, sort of a haphazard log cabin formation.  I enjoyed the process of this very much and in no time, had sewn quite a few blocks which I then sewed together four to a large block.  I figured out I would need approximately 49 of these to cover my king sized bed.  But how to quilt them?  My little $75 Brother doesn't have the attachments for free motion quilting so my blocks are resting in a box waiting for the day when I can complete the last step.  I think they are pretty and deserving of proper quilting and would be so warm.  Perhaps it is time I look into a new machine.