Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Lego Movie and Tammy and the Bachelor

Yesterday, I took grandson to a movie- his choice, The Lego Movie in 3D.  He had informed me that Morgan Freeman voiced one of the characters as a way to get me interested, I think.  So there we sat, him with his popcorn combo snack and both of us in our 3D glasses.  It was one of those children's movies where the writers have made an effort to cater to the adults in the audience.  Some of the jokes referencing old trivia were very funny and I could hear several of the men laughing loudly from time to time.  Who would believe you could elicit empathy for Lego-made, little blocks characters, but of course, the brilliant animators achieved just that.  It was good enough to recommend.
I have a love of going out to movies reaching back to my childhood.  On Saturdays a group of kids from my neighbourhood would walk downtown and decide what to do with our ten cent pieces.  One day the choice was a plate of take-out French fries from the stand on the corner or going to see a movie.  That very first movie I saw was Tammy and the Bachelor starring Debbie Reynolds; I think I was about eight years old and I was enthralled.  The scene where she sings Tammy's In Love has stayed with me all my life and I have that song on my playlist in the car.  I don't think there were any ratings or age limits for viewing movies in theaters in those days. Not long after, I saw a movie that I think was probably The Thing From the Lagoon.  It terrified me and I had bad dreams about it for a long time. Years later I saw it on t.v. and realized the seaweed haired creature was actually laughable but it certainly wasn't to me back then.    
Grandson loves movies too and we have made a pact to always go to movies together.