Saturday, 1 February 2014

Food, Weight and Wellness Juggling Act

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." 

I had this quote on my fridge for many years. I'd always believed it but just now I am rethinking it. After eating salted caramel ice cream (which I mentioned before), I have found something that possibly tastes as good as thin feels.  Maybe.
I don't own a set of scales and have never judged my weight by poundage.  I generally go with how I feel in my clothes and since the size hasn't changed in a couple of decades, I'm okay with it.  I love to eat so I have to play a bit of a juggling act (I used to joke that I had a fat person inside wanting to get out); I'm lucky that I love all kinds of food so can happily make a meal on salads and fresh vegetables and other healthier food.  I also choose to exercise most days of the week; I use an elliptical trainer and light running. In recent years I've added a routine with 5 pound weights for my arms which I think are hopelessly weak.
 The exercising doesn't have much to do with weight though; I just feel so much better, stretched and more energetic when I've done my little workout.   Lets be clear, I don't overdo with any of this and any time I feel like eating a piece of cake, I do. 
I get weighed by the nurse when I go for my annual checkup.  Last time I realized I weigh 3 pounds more than I did when I entered hospital to give birth to daughter #2 almost forty years ago and she weighed 8 lb 6 oz.  Good grief; I don't feel that gigantic!  Where is all that girth??  They say women my age must choose between our hips or our faces.  If we want our faces to not look haggard we need a little padding on the hips.  I personally don't feel we should be too thin as that can bring its own set of issues. 
Think I'll go and put the kettle on...and show you what I made yesterday speaking of food...

This is my version of a Cranberry and Apple Crisp.  I love cranberries and believe in their goodness.  I include them in many dishes.  For this one, I used  three cups of cranberries mixed with two apples cut into cubes.  I sweetened them with a little agave syrup.  For the topping I mixed one cup of almond flour and one half cup of flour with three cups of rolled oats ( I always use more oats than any recipe calls for because I love them).  I used one half cup of brown sugar and half a cup of butter all rubbed together. I always give it a little taste to adjust if it needs a bit more sugar.  I baked it in a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes.   This time I served it with a scoop of mango frozen Greek yoghurt.