Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Photo of Me Today

Here is a photo of me taken today.  I have been gradually going gray/white and I am almost there.  I am on my way out the door and I've done my little five minute makeup routine.  I am pleased to have found L'Oreal Magic Lumi for my face; it gives my face a certain shine that I believe photographs well.  I also have a new lipstick...Color Whisper, #85 called Berry Ready.  I am not photogenic so it is always a bit of a relief when I can get a photo that looks okay.  Hubby took several of me and this was the best one.
I am wearing my fake fur coat I bought at a value village several years ago.  I don't so much mind real fur for coats; I don't judge other people wearing them.  I've lived in places where trappers made a living at getting furs for the trade.  I've also lived on Baffin Island and know exactly how important the seal, its pelt and meat is to the Inuit.  So I'm a bit conflicted about that issue.  Being a fervent animal lover, though, I just can't see myself personally wearing fur ever. I joke about this coat...a hundred teddy bears had to die for it.  All that being said, this coat is very warm and I used it a lot last year walking the dogs.  In fact, when I put my hand in the pocket the first time I got it out this year, I found a pocketful of dog biscuits.
I also want you to notice the scarf.  This is the scarf I started to knit at the very beginning of this blog back in November.  I love how cheery it looks and the raspberry/strawberry colours.  Now that my hair is more or less gray, I think it is important to wear brighter colours and not be afraid of them.  I would never have worn these reds when I was younger.
I'm feeling happy in this photo...I'm off to the library to read and research, one of my favourite things to do.  Hope you got to do a favourite thing today too.