Sunday, 16 February 2014

Something in a Sunday

9 am and the day is going well.  Workout done, new-to-us ancient grains oatmeal cooked and eaten.  Crock pot retrieved from the small appliance garage (which in my case is literally a shelf in the garage) and whole chicken inserted up to its breast in water with one onion sliced over it all.  The idea is that this will cook while I am out and about running a few errands.  I imagine this is the feeling you have when you actually have a cook at home doing kitchen duty for you.  Some days are like this;  reach into a cupboard and your hand finds exactly the thing you want as opposed to those days when you can't find that thing, get down on your knees to find it, knock it over putting it further out of know what I mean.
And it's Sunday.  For quite a while in my life Sunday used to make me feel what Johnny Cash sang about..."something in a Sunday that makes a body feel alone".  I was fresh from leaving home and missed family, I suppose. Gotten over that now. 
Meanwhile, my shawl is almost finished.  Knitted a while last night watching the Olympics and an episode of True DetectiveMatthew McConaughey is doing a fantastic job in his role in that series but besides that, I love how he rescues pets. 
Yesterday at the library I read a People magazine.  Here is what I learned...Justin Bieber is out of control and his mom is 'concerned', Christie Brinkley is 60 years old (and looks 20, but says she has not ruled out future plastic surgery) and David Beckham sports arm loads of tattoos ( I think they are called sleeves).  Ahh, the lives of the rich and famous.
It seems today we are being rewarded for good behaviour or something because it is a positively radiant blue sky sunny day.  The snow is glistening and I am looking forward to my walk about.  Hope there is some sun in your Sunday where ever you are.