Sunday, 2 February 2014

Restaurant Manners

It is still early morning here.  Coffee is still being drunk.  Dogs have been fed and paper fetched from the box at the end of the laneway.
I'm thinking about last night out for dinner.  We were just settled in our seats when another couple was ushered in.  Youngish, probably mid thirties.  She was nicely dressed and had her hair and makeup done.  It was obvious she had made an effort because of the restaurant, a nice Italian place and it being a night out and all.  They were suitably matched; she attractive and from what I could see of him, also nice looking.  I couldn't get a good look because he was wearing a baseball cap, which he kept on throughout the meal.  For some reason this really bothered me.  I wished someone in authority would go to him and ask him to take it off.  I must have been raised with some kind of cap/hat code which included no caps at the dinner table.  I don't know why he was wearing it even outside; with the extreme cold we've been having he actually needed the warmest of woolen toques.
Meanwhile at our table, three of the six of us were on cell phones at any given time.  Two of them, the youngest, were taking photos, no doubt to send directly to their face book pages. 
The drive home included a familiar manners are not what they used to be, how it's all going to hell in a hand cart; you know the usual tirade you'd expect from a pair of old fuddy duddies especially ones that don't own a cell phone capable of transmitting a photo.

Anyway, I should update you about my projects.  The knitted  shawl is coming along; almost finished the second ball.  The wool, Lions Brand, Homespun, is soft and very easy on the hands.  So far, I'm pleased with it.
 Still working on Grandson's quilt in the daylight hours.  Till now, I've sewn a rabbit, bird, squirrel, elephant, cat, pig, owl, and giraffe.  Photos will follow.