Wednesday, 26 March 2014

At the Shops

At the new Bay...I say new because The Bay is being gradually reworked into a much more upscale type store with all the sales people sleek and urbany in head to toe black; I've read they have their sights set on attracting a new upscale type clientele to match it. Not exactly me who was there to check out a new thermos for hubby's coffee.  A woman passed by wearing a dark gray, full-length fur coat. She was about my age with silvery blond hair wrapped around her head and had a striking scarf tied in a small bow at her neck.  She left in her wake the most beautiful perfumy aroma.  That is how a woman should smell, I thought and I couldn't resist trailing her a little to see what would attract her attention.  As I did I could just picture her home, the walls, the art work, the lack of 'vulgar objects', a phrase I once read  Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor called pillows with needlepointed sayings on them.  Anyway, she wound her way confidently right to the gift registry department where a sales person immediately leaped up to greet her.  Of course, I thought, that's the place for her as I continued on in my search for housewares. 
Yesterday I was at the Walmart, a store I hold mixed feelings about (more about that another day).  I was being checked out by a young girl who had a massive amount of hair all wound up in tiny braids; she must have had a couple hundred of these plaits and I just had to say to her how much I admired it.  I would have liked to have stared at it more and seen how it all got tucked up so neatly.  She told me it took her friend six hours to do it for her and it would keep for several months if she took good care with it.  I have to say she seemed pleased I noticed it.
By the way, I found the thermos I wanted at Walmart.