Monday, 31 March 2014

Sort of Serendipity

I've had a day of it as they say.  Lots to think about and mull over.
 It started this morning when I went to my lawyer's to update my will.  Her office is in a very old brick building and while waiting in the vestibule, I looked at the ceiling which was one of those tiled with a big clear plastic tile covering the fluorescent light tube.  I noticed what looked like material a mouse would gather for a nest in one corner and while pondering this, a rat walked across the thing.  No mistaking the feet and long thick tail.  I felt I should say something to the tiny receptionist; after all this was almost right above her head! I said I think I just saw a mouse or a rat up in the light and she said, oh we hear noises from up there all the time, calm as you please.  She didn't seem bothered at all and didn't even slow her typing to glance up.  Oh well. 
Talking about your will is an odd activity.  Some people really don't want to tackle it at all but I like to have these things sorted out as much as I can.   
 I left there and went to purchase tickets for a little trip I'm taking.  While the agent was busy with the calendar and choosing seats, I saw a book and notebook on his side of the counter. I nodded at the book and said are you studying.  To which he answered no he was writing out a poem for his sister.  I had to say what a nice thing to do, and then he said well, she's in the hospital dying with cancer.  Would you like to read the poem?  I stood there in the middle of the depot reading a poem from a book with a title saying something about the absolute divinity of God.  The poem was very long but summed up was about what a long and arduous journey life can be but God is right there with you all the time, watching and guiding; it was a very well put together piece and not what I had expected.  I handed it back, and said so I guess your sister has belief.  And he said oh yes, she was looking at dying like she was going home.  I said I guess that would be a help and praised him for being such a good brother.
I've been thinking was that a bit of serendipity that I went right from talking about my death to talking about the ticket agent's sister's death. But I guess it is not a happy coincidence which I think serendipity implies.  Simply a coincidence then.  Or was it something more?