Thursday, 20 March 2014

Shaking Off Hurry-Up Habits

Having a slow start to this day which has a most familiar March look about it.  Monochromatic just gray/white set against the darker gray of the trees surrounding the house.   Earlier I was thinking of what I could accomplish before 8 am in my working life, which is a time that is still very much alive in my mind.  Now it seems a bit of a challenge to get only me showered and fed by that time.  I think I was addicted to the urgency of it all back then, maybe a bit of a workaholic.  After so many decades of living by the hands on the clock, those hurry-up habits are hard to relinquish.  Now I have to keep reminding myself to slow down, that I can take the time to stitch or read in the middle of the day or even watch a movie if I want to; that if I don't get some chore or other done today, I can just as easily do it tomorrow.  Of course, being me means I still enforce pressure on myself sometimes about appointments and obligations, but I notice that too is easing.
 When choosing retirement, I worried about what I would make of the state of empty time that stretched before me. How would I cope; without the clock what would I ever accomplish?  Turns out, it was all fine for me. For look at me now, here I am enjoying a slow start to this day, sipping coffee and writing, something unheard of for a weekday morning back then.

I'm also keeping an eye on the birds.  The day of calendar spring, here's nature's sign at my front feeder.