Friday, 7 March 2014

Oh, For No News

"Just once how I'd like to see the headline say,
Not much to print today, can't find anything bad to say"

Each time I remember to tune into the news, there it is again...another war, well, not exactly war, but a conflict, coup, uprising, people fleeing, refugees, etc.  It is disparaging how this seems to just keep looping around the globe; as the curtain lowers on one drama, it is rising on another.  Is it all just the same despicable story told and retold time and time again? 
I was just beginning university when a million people in Biafra were dying from famine or war; I remember thinking  at the time everyone knows what's going wrong there, why aren't they just fixing it.  What blissful naivety that seems to me now to think there is a "they" that can simply fix world problems.
I've read that people over sixty shouldn't read the news.  I'm starting to understand and believe that.  It is certainly not helpful to me to have to think about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or the Syrian Conflict, or the Ukraine crisis, or the effect of melting ice on polar bear survival or the unbelievable depth of ill treatment women and children suffer around the world.... In fact, these things are downright upsetting to me.
The news, it is mostly a grim business and I'm not sure what my role even as listener should be.