Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Knitting Another Shawl

This is Lion's Brand Homespun in Regency and Mixed Berries.

                                      Here is what is on my needles now...

 I've reposted the photo of the wool I've been using because my photos of the shawls just do not capture the colours nor how lustrous this particular wool is.  Just above is my latest attempt at another shawl and this one is a simple prayer shawl pattern.  I am using the lovely pink and purple Mixed Berries Homespun. I cast on 80 stitches and am knitting in garter stitch till I reach the length I think will comfortably cover the shoulders.  I plan to crochet an edge around it to prettify the overall look. 
The forecast was correct; it is Arctic white everywhere again because it has been steadily snowing most of the afternoon.  No signs of spring to be glimpsed from any of my windows today.  This is Murphy, our Black Lab; she is just back from a walk and is a little tired.  Right after I took this picture she lay down in front of the stove and took a nap. Her 'dog's life' is a pretty good one, I think.