Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Crabapple Hill Studio's Beautiful A Gardener's Alphabet

I've been wanting to share this project that I began last fall.  It is the beautiful A Gardener's Alphabet designed by Meg Hawkey and offered by Crabapple Hill Studio. It is a quilt/wall hanging project consisting of 22 blocks in all and the designs are coloured with crayon and then embroidered in back stitch, running stitch and embellished with French knots.  I love alphabet pieces of any sort and flowers too so this combination appealed to me very much. I am now working my last block and I am almost sad about it.  It has been a very enjoyable project and I have loved the challenge of trying to make my stitching consistently uniform and neat. 
So here are A and B blocks completed.  I am pleased with my A block.  However, this is my second attempt at the B block.  I really didn't like what I did with the beehive the first time.  I fooled up the colouring and made it far too dark, which I couldn't undo, so I wound up cutting out and drawing and working a whole new block.  As I've said, I am certainly no expert and sometimes really don't like the way something of mine turns out. Then I have to scrap it and start over.  I messed up a couple of other blocks too and I'll show you that later.
I am sorry the photos are a little dark.  It was such a dark day today...rain and snow all day (yes, I said snow!), that I had to use the flash on my camera and even with that, it is still a bit shadowed, but I hope you get the idea of how great this project is.