Sunday, 13 April 2014

Another Thing for My Idle Hands

This is a hopeful photo...I smile when I look at it because I have spent many happy hours there playing in dirt and watching tiny seeds sprout and grow.  Another way to keep my idle hands busy which means I keep my mind concentrated on happy thoughts. 
It shows my little greenhouse last fall when I did the final tidying. It has a wall of leaning windows and is attached to the side of the big barn.  As small greenhouses go, this one is fitted out nicely.  It has electricity so I can turn on lights, plug in a fan or the radio.  One wall is all shelving so there is lots of storage for all the gardening gear. It also has a laundry sink and running water which is very convenient.  
                                            Last summer... Barn with greenhouse on the right.

I have planted nothing so far.  I just put in an order for seeds which should be arriving any day.  There is still snow and ice blocking the doorway and the temperatures are only now high enough to risk plantings.  Of course with the wall of windows, the heat does gather in there so from here on in, it should be a go.  Checked my journal, and sure enough, I had started my first seeds in March month last year, so I am behind.  Perhaps Mother Nature will make amends by extending the warm weather into next fall.
April showers...after a lovely sunny day yesterday, today the whole area has a rain watch in effect with numerous flood warnings.
Hope it is high and dry where ever you are!