Saturday, 19 April 2014

Not Far From Pioneers

We are not that far from the time of pioneers here on this land, just one family before us.  The remains of a cabin-like house sit not that far from where this house is.  I walked the outline of the two rooms today, just a depression in the earth now.  Hubby was presented with a painting of the original structure and this is hanging in our hall today.  Straw was used to insulate the walls and it actually looks larger than I would have imagined.  I wonder though how they made a decent living.  As I've said we are on the edge of the Canadian Shield and a wide swathe of rock runs across the land; only a portion of it is arable.  I have not been able to find any berries, but there are three apple trees.  These appear ancient but still produce copious numbers of apples each fall.  Perhaps those early people trapped; from the tracks I see around our woods, there are numerous rabbits and porcupine.  And of course, there are lots of deer and turkeys. Flocks and flocks of ducks and geese fly overhead this time of year and again in the fall.  Okay, now I am thinking they probably did alright what with being able to take advantage of all these creatures, plus any crops they did manage to grow.  I feel better now. 

Here is my Block H...sorry I think I have it upside down!