Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Free Doughnuts and Block J

She sped up when she saw me just as I was about to enter the drive-through lane.  I had grandson in the back seat going to get him his doughnut treat, so luckily I was being extra cautious.  I was able to slam on the brakes and avoid hitting her as she beat me to the machine where you give your order (what is that thing called??).  It would have been enough of an incident for me to blow the horn or give some other signal that I was unhappy with what she had done.  However, I did not react; I've always thought reactions like that when driving rather childish. Grandson and I both agreed it was a close call though and he proceeded to give me a rundown on what this one or that one in the family would have done if this had happened to them.  Our turn at the wicket and I was told, the lady ahead of you said she had cut you off so she's paid for your order. I just caught sight of her as she turned onto the highway and I held up my hand in a wave of thanks; she waved back as she sped off.  Grandson was pleased...free doughnuts, he didn't have to spend any of his bank money. See I said to him, being nice is a good way to be; maybe she wouldn't have paid if I'd tooted or used certain gestures. He said he figured she was late for work and then proceeded to think of all the ways she could sneak into her building without anyone seeing her; what a good time for your secret power to be the one where you can become invisible, he concluded. Aren't nine year olds wonderful.

And here is my Block J...